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Internet Service
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Banner8 Database
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SQL Server 2008
Team Foundation server - SQL Server 2012
Exchange 2013 Mailbox Server #1
Exchange 2013 Mailbox Server #2
Exchange 2013 Mailbox Server #3
File Services Server #1
File Services Server #2
Exchange 2013 Mailbox Server #4
Sharepoint 2010 server
PawPrint print management server
Campus Web Server #1

= service is currently active
= service is currently inactive*
= service is currently under repair*

* - Any service without a green check mark is currently being analyzed and/or repaired.
Please do not contact the Help Desk. Service is typically restored within one hour.
If an extended delay in service is anticipated, ITS will notify all campus faculty,staff and students by email.
Maintenance hours are 5:00AM to 7:30AM daily.